Mumford and Sons Have Gone Electric (and here's their new single)

Last week indie-folk sensation Mumford and Sons announced that they will release their third album on May 4th. Titled Wilder Mind, the full length brings us a new flavor; Mumford and Sons have gone electronic. Summarizing from a number of recent interviews, the quartet didn't want to do a "Babel 2". They wanted to add space to their music and give it more definition by taking away some of the noise. Thanks to producer James Ford (who has worked with British rockers HAIM and Arctic Monkeys) and inspiration from Radiohead and Fleetwood Mac, a new sound has been achieved, and it rocks. It is tough for any band to make a big transition like this, but their lead single, "Believe" (accompanied by an awesome video that takes you on a journey through London), proves that they are up to the task. Let us know what you think about their evolution below!