New Generationals album, Alix

Every year since 2009, Grant Widmer & Ted Joyner of the Generationals have released either a full-length album or an EP. So if you weren’t already aware Alix, their fourth album, was released on Tuesday! It contains a jolly, jovial, and a smooth transition into fall with songs such as “Black Lemon” (despite the semi-woeful lyrics) and "Gold Silver Diamond". The Louisiana-based duo, who have buddies since high school, decided to keep things fresh by inviting Richard Swift (who has previously worked with The Shins, Guster, and Foxygen) to work on and produce the album. The decision was way out of their comfort zone but they knew that it would pay off in the end, and it sure did!

Check out those two tracks off the album here, then go check out the album!