New Artist Alert: He Will Add

Under the name He Will Add, Joey Vitas has recently been putting together some amazing tracks. Last spring he released "I Loved You" on SoundCloud, a wonderfully energetic song that features the vocals of Biggie Smalls. Then at the end of the summer he released his first EP, The Beginning. The extended play consists of two songs, "1" and "New Times, Roman". Both are filled with the entrancing beats and melodies that he creates so well. Finally, last month we were graced with "Take Me Back", featuring Zoya (Zoya Mohan) on vocals. This song is simply beautiful. It takes me back to a sunny summer day, when I didn't have a care in the world and could just stop and relax for a while.

To get his first releases, go to his bandcamp page. On all of these songs it is obvious that Joey really appreciates good production. He puts in so much effort into every beat and every note, and the final product is fantastic. Apart from what he has already released, He Will Add is working on another EP and plans to release it next spring. It will bring the singer-songwriter vibe found on "Take Me Back" and still include a hint of electronics, like what we heard on his first EP. Check out his SoundCloud page here and follow him closely in the months to come. Anything that he releases is sure to be something great.